About Me:


I am a photographic artist based out of the north-western region of New Jersey, an area often referred to as the Skylands. Living in this place offers a wonderful connection with Nature and I seek to share that experience through photographs by capturing beautiful scenes at extraordinary moments.  I often return to the same location day after day and year after year so I can capture not only the intrinsic beauty of a location, but to capture that beauty at its height, when weather, light and luck come together to emphasize the experience of being there and form a truly special moment, a moment I will never forget, a moment I want to share.

My creative process begins with an emotional response to a scene I am standing in and experiencing, I then compose the elements through my viewfinder in a way which includes the maximum drama and excludes all possible distractions. At this point I take a picture (or several, usually digitally) I then correct and optimize the image using digital tools which allow me to express my emotional response in a way that best conveys those emotions to the viewer. My ultimate goal is that the viewer becomes absorbed into the image, excluding the distractions of the room around them, and experiences the same butterflies in the pit of their stomach I get when viewing something so special.



Kendall Mills






-Grand Prize: 2014 Warren County Farm Fest Photography Contest for "Storm Over Corn"


-Lawrenceville School Alumni Exhibition, May 2- May 31, 2014 at the Hutchins Galleries